Test the products of the DATEV Challenge Roth 2018

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Challenge Paket with 500g Energy Drink Can instead of 50g Energy Drink Package
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3x ENERGY GEL fruity and sweet: lemon taste a 33g
3x SUPER GEL tart and sweet: cola with caffein taste a 33g
3x DRINK GEL fruity and sweet: raspberry taste a 60ml
1x ENERGY DRINK Can 500g: orange taste
2x ENERGY RIEGEL: fruit taste a 50g

In addition, the following test-products are included:

1x TOMATO GEL hearty and salty: tomato taste 33g
1x ENERGY FRUIT GUM: fruit taste 50g
1x ENERGY ORGANIC BAR: almond-pineapple taste 40g

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